Marc Miranda

Mr. Marc Miranda | Instructor, Junior Hit List Director

Marc was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, one of his motivations that kept him going was his mother. All he wanted was to make her proud by becoming successful and inspiring others through dance and the arts. By doing so, he began his dance career in high school and danced for the Glendale High School Co-Ed and All Male Dance Teams. He danced all 4 years in high school, served 2 years as dance captain and was also head dance captain for his senior year. After graduating, Marc wanted to continue his dance career professionally. He auditioned for Mavyn Entertainment in 2007 and trained with them for 3 years. Within these years of starting his dance career, he also started his own dance company with his close friends in 2005 called “Family Bizness”. He is now Fambiz’ artistic director and plans on making a professional dance name for himself and Fambiz. By leading his own team, Marc continues to see the opportunities at hand. His inspiration guides him through his hardships and the life style he chooses to live. He is currently Jayvee Dance Performing Arts Center’s Jr. Hit List Hip Hop Crew’s Director. Dance and music has affected his life so much that he feels musically inclined and believes that music and dance has saved his life. He owes so much to dance that he wants nothing else but to give back to the community and share the knowledge he has gathered through the years to the students here at Jayvee Dance Center.

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