Ryan “Mop Top” Dunning

Ryan “Mop Top” Dunning | Instructor

Ryan “Mop Top” Dunning is 18 years old, which makes him the youngest instructor at this studio! Even though he is one of the youngest instructors here, he has been dancing for most of his life and took his first class here at JV dance studio 10 years ago. The original popping instructor, Johnny “Burst Rock” Cervin, who taught at the studio for ten years, taught him everything he knows today about street styles; everything from the basic fundamentals of Popping to Popping Battles. Through his guidance, he has had the privilege to experience and learn about the street aspects of popping. Before teaching here, he has taught at other studios as a substitute dance instructor and has also taught Alhambra Highs All male dance team the fundamentals of popping. To him Popping is one of the most expressive and easiest dance styles there is to learn, but is one of the hardest and most rewarding to master.

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