Girls Can Breakdance Too

By Patricia San Pedro

As a high school freshman, I was privileged to watch b-boys perform at my school. Their skills inspired me to try something new: breakdancing. It bothered me that when most people think of breakdancing, they connect it to boys and strength. So my question was: can girls break too?

Indeed they can. I set out to prove the stereotype wrong; I then enrolled in the breakdancing class at Jayvee and watched countless Youtube how-to videos. I was determined to become a b-girl.

Little did I know how much breaking would affect me, both in skill and confidence that I still hold today. What was it like being the only girl in a class? I stuck out like a sore thumb. Unfortunately for us, we have to work twice as hard to develop upper body strength. However, girls shouldn’t be discouraged—I honestly started off unable to do a single pushup. While strength is needed, it isn’t the main component to breakdancing: it’s style.

Breaking is all about the attitude and sass a b-boy or b-girl can bring to a cypher. A cypher is an inviting circle that welcomes any type of freestyling, and is the best way to practice and gain experience. As time passed, and as I learned more about breaking, I developed more confidence and went out in the circle more. The adrenaline rush I felt when I went to the center and gave it my all is what inspired me to work harder in learning new moves.

Breakdancing isn’t just for boys. With motivation and a love for dancing, girls can be just as good at breaking—plus, we make breaking look even more impressive.

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