Parents’ And Guardians’ Competition Survival Kit

Competition season is an exciting time for young dancers, but don’t underestimate how exciting it is for parents and guardians as well!  We may be behind the scenes, but it’s surprisingly nerve wrecking for us too!


Here is what we’ve learned as new moms to the dance competition world:

Buy a program.
It can be a little expensive, but it’s nice to have a schedule of the day and to know what dance your dancer is competing with, as well as to understand how the award system works.

Bring a highlighter.
This will definitely help you keep track of when your dancer is going to perform, as well as other dancers from your studio, so you can support them as well.

Bring a pencil or pen
It’s going to be handy to record important information and write down what your dancers receive at award time!

Snacks, snacks, snacks!
This is for your dancer, and also for yourself!  It can be a long day for you both! Having some healthy snacks between lunch or dinner will help you all keep your energy levels up.

Bring your own beverages.
Coffee, soda, iced tea, etc.  It’s so costly to buy beverages at the venue!

Bring a sweater or jacket.
The venue is unpredictable so you need to be prepared.

Wear comfortable shoes.
Showstopper this past weekend was a 3-day event! The constant walking back and forth to help your dancer change their costumes, and walking around to find other dancers to watch and support can be very tiring, so make sure you are comfortable for the long walks.

Take a deep breath
–and count to 10 if you have to.  With all of the excitement and children running around, your dancer might drive you nuts, but you have to remain calm so your frustration won’t rub off on them before they hit the stage.  

Tissue box
(if not for you, for your friends) – especially if it’s their first competition!  

Extra, extra!
Bring extras of everything!!
-Safety pins
-Bobby pins
-Rubber bands
-Small sewing kit
-…and most importantly, extra tights! Sometimes, right before your dancer goes on stage, her tights will snag and the instructor will ask if you’ve brought an extra pair.

Dance Buddy
Surprisingly, you may experience more nerves than your dancer.  Make sure you have your own special friend that can help your dancer change, re-apply make-up and hair, or help with unforeseen problems before your dancer goes on stage. Having a buddy system also helps when your dancer has a routine back-to-back and needs a “quick change”…think NASCAR!!!!

Review the competition rules about video-taping and taking pictures.
They can be pretty strict at the venue, so remember to take pictures only when allowed!

– just in case….it’s such a hectic day, so it’s good to have some pain relief on hand.

It can be stressful and tiring but it’s so rewarding to see pure happiness when they are on stage receiving their awards.  Good luck!

Jayvee Mamas
Maily, Lourdes, and Monica


Your turn:  What are some of your necessities at competition?  Tell us your helpful tips!


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  1. Wow ladies I could not have said it any better. The kids have been preparing for months and no matter what we (veteran moms) had told you what to expect it doesn’t seem real until you have been there for the first time as we were all once there. Great job now let’s go do it again this weekend.

  2. Cell phone, camera and tablet chargers! You will wear down your battery at the most unforseen time. You don’t want to miss that special memory:)

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