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Dancers around the world move to Los Angeles to pursue their dream and often experience missing their families and being homesick.  After dancing in the Monsters Of Hip Hop Show and at the same time performing on America’s Best Dance Crew with the Boogie Bots, Joesar Alva made the big move to LA and has since worked with top artists such as Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, and currently Ariana Grande.  Having taught at our Jingle Jam & Boogiezone classes, Joesar shared his passion with our community through the years.  With the challenges of being away from family, on top of auditioning, and constantly traveling, Joesar has to make the best of his experiences wherever he can.  Read up on how this dancer experiences Thanksgiving away from home.


Thanksgiving at home was a great time for family gatherings.  Our family Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 9.54.13 PMtypically meets up at someone’s house-we all live nearby in Virginia.  Everyone says their excited greetings… even though we probably saw each other the day before.  I used to think this was annoying. This was before I moved to Los Angeles, then I realized they were actually moments to be cherished.


Now that I’m in LA, Thanksgiving has been interesting-I call it Friendsgiving!  Nothing can ever replace my family on Thanksgiving, but it’s nice that I get to at least see my friends.  I love seeing everyone outside of “work” and our usual hustle of a dance career.  Although it’s hard to be away from home, I’m grateful that I could spend a holiday with people I share my passion and art with.  Here in LA, it can get a little crazy with all of the traveling, touring, gatherings, rehearsals, and shows, but I realize that we really have to be thankful for it all.

With the ups and downs of experiencing the holidays or being a professional dancer, it’s ALL GOOD as long as there are people you can share it with.  There are some friends I’ve known for years in LA and some I’ve just recently bonded with, but no matter how many people there are, it’s great when you find a group to truly connect with through the hardships. We’re there for each other to talk, release, and support one another.  Although I can’t be with my family and miss our yearly gatherings, my friends have become family to me too.  We push each other and keep each other strong through thick and thin, and I give thanks for every moment.

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