10 Fun Facts About Jayvee!


This year, Jayvee Dance Center for youth and adults is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with incredible dance numbers you do not want to miss!  Through ten years of dance competitions, tutus, tiaras, pirouettes, hip hoppin’, and Streeteasin, Jayvee is thankful for Alhambra’s support, and is very excited to pursue even bigger things in its future.  Looking back on the past 10 years, here are 10 fun facts you might not know about Jayvee:

1. The whole process from purchasing and opening the studio was only 2 weeks!

2. There used to be a huge flower couch in the office, and the studio founder, Joanna used to sleep on it during the first 6 months the studio was open… working late to get the business going!

3.  Joanna used to teach Hip Hop classes at Let’s Dance LA Studio for 2 years before Jayvee opened, on the same floor that Studio A and Studio B have today!

4.  Joanna met Miss Tu at one of her hip hop classes at Let’s Dance LA.

5.  One day, Jayvee’s breakdancing instructor called in sick last minute, so Miss Tu and Miss Joanna had to sub a breakdancing class. Boy, that was a challenge!

6.  In the beginning Jayvee started with only 30 classes a week with about 50 students.  Now, they have grown to over 90 classes a week with over 400 students.  That’s a growth of over 300 percent!

7. When Jayvee first opened, they used to host teen parties for high school youth on Friday nights.

8.  Miss Tu has held almost every position here at the studio starting out as a work study when Jayvee first opened, later promoted to Administrative Assistant, to Manager, then Instructor, and lastly to Director.

9.  Jayvee has had many workshops taught by professional industry choreographers like Twitch (So You Think You Can Dance), Chachi Gonzales, Justin JetLi Valles, and Matt Cady (America’s Best Dance Crew), Mariel Martin, and Mike Song (The Ellen Show), Elm Pizarro, Gigi Torres, Pat Cruz, Anthony Lee, Sorah Yang and more.

10.  The wall that separates Studio A and Studio B was not there before, and you were able to see Main Street from the back office.

Now that you have some behind the scenes information about Jayvee, join them as they celebrate an amazing ten years!  Tickets for “TEN” are on sale at Jayvee ranging from $15 general admission to $25 VIP admission.  Doors open at 6pm on October 11th, 2014 at Gallery Nucleus, 210 East Main St in Alhambra.  The celebration continues on October 12th with a special dance workshop at Jayvee, so let’s get movin!  Visit JayveeTEN.EventBrite.com to get your tickets today!


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