Jayvee Movers Love Dancing With Their Friends!

Free Friend Week is quickly approaching and we are so excited to make new dance buddies!  For those of you Jayvee Movers who have a friend in mind, please invite them to the studio and let’s show them how fun and magical dance is.

Dance has no limits. It has given me a way of expressing myself and my feelings.
It makes me feel powerful to be in control of my all movements and the way
to express it. Going to dance class is fun…having all your best friends in it,
makes it even better!
- Madison


I love dancing with my friends because it’s so much fun!!!
My dance BFF and I have been dancing 6 years together! I love JV Dance!
- Arianna



I love dancing with my friends because who else is going to tell me
that I’m turning the wrong way or on the wrong foot! LOL
- Kaylin


“It’s nice to dance with friends that love to dance as much as I do.
We support each other in class and they push me to work harder.”
- Bella


“”When you have a dance buddy, it’s fun because if you are littler,
and your friend is bigger than you, she knows not to trip you!”


“I love dancing at Jayvee with all my friends! We have so much fun together!”
- Romina

Invite a friend to the studio for Free Friend Week starting Monday, September 22nd to Saturday, September 27th for the best time of their lives! Check out our Facebook page (http://facebook.com/jayveedancecenter) for details and ask your instructor for more information! You can even call us-626.281.JVJV

Your Move!

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