Dance Mom Jennifer Shows Us How To Bling It On!

jvdallstarsNever in a million of years would I have thought myself to be a bedazzling kind of woman, but that was before I was thrust into the world of little girls, dance recitals, competitions, and costumes.  Now I can say that I am a true Dance Mom and my world is embellished with rhinestones, glitter, and anything else that shines on stage.  I was first introduced to the art by another Dance Mom at our dance studio and something in me just sparkled.  I never bedazzled anything before, but since I got started, I haven’t stopped.  So bring on the bling!

It truly is a unique art form and requires a lot of patience, creativity, and glue.  Most of the rhinestoning is done on the All Stars competition team apparel and costumes.  Here at the studio there is a group of seasoned All Star Mom rhinestoners, like myself, and every year we introduce the skill to our new team moms.  Some fall in love with it.   Others hand off their projects.  It truly is a “love it or hate it” activity…kind of like exercise   There have been rhinestone parties, rhinestone lessons, and rhinestone debates.  We’ve discussed, to stone or not to stone?  How much should we stone?   Is there such a thing as too much bling?  These are just some of the questions, but one thing our true to heart Dance Moms all agreed upon is that bling goes a long way.


There is a lot to consider when you are deciding on whether you should bling an item or not.  You have to first consider, should it be blinged, or should it not?!  Some genres of dance are not blinged out at all, for example, hip hop.   Some are just minimally embellished—ballet and older girls’ costumes.  Still, others are so blinged out that it could add a couple of extra pounds to item—jazz and tiny tots.

Next, you need to determine which area to embellish.
Where does it make sense?
Where will the sunlight or stage lights pick up the most shine?
How will the extra bling affect the movement of the outfit?

Then, you have to pick stone color, type, size and amount needed.  This last one is heavily dependent on your budget for the project.  Bling isn’t always cheap, but it doesn’t have to drain your pocketbook either.


Once you’ve decided that you do want to jazz up an outfit with some rhinestones, I recommend either getting with someone who has rhinestoned before or watching some YouTube videos to check out the different techniques used.  That’s how I learned what to use and what to do.  I asked a lot of questions and watched a lot of videos to expand my rhinestone knowledge.

One thing I always tell a new mom who asks me about rhinestoning is that it’s not for everyone and that it’s ok if you don’t fall in love with the skill of placing 2mm size circles in a perfectly set circle of glue.  You will know if it is a match made in heaven when the site of 1,440 tiny, little rhinestones and a couple of tubes of E6000 glue warms your heart and puts a smile on your face.  If it does, then you have the heart of a blinger.  If it scares you or a panic attack starts to flare up, just find another Dance Mom at the studio, hand over the garment and say “Bling It On!”

Your Move,


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