#YourMove by Mr. Gil Brace-Wessel

Dance is intrinsic to human beings. Music is a direct extension of our most basic primal rhythm; the heartbeat. To express this rhythm through movement is natural to us. We can’t help it. Even as a young kid I would dance when I had no real “moves” to do. I was just flailing around. This undying urge to move to music is what eventually led me to Bboying and hiphop culture.

With my dance confidence is key as well as freestyling and creating new moves. When I cypher with other dancers it brings me great joy to show what I have worked hard on and created. As a dancer you must own your dance and show it with pride and style. When you do that you are empowering yourself with confidence and others as well. Next time there’s a circle, see how many times you can go in and use different moves. People will remember and respect you for it. Every time the circle opens up… It’s Your Move!!

 Gil Brace-Wessel (Breakdance / Capoeira Instructor at Jayvee)


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