#yourmove by Mr. Beau Fournier

If I were to tell a person, or when someone were to tell me, “Your Move”, it’s on! Two easy words can allow someone such great power. Most people would think “your turn”, but me….not the case. Those two words should allow the person to really change the game and become a leader or inspiration into their field. It should allow a person  to help move along the evolution of their field. Great responsibility should be taken into effect when you hear those words, to really make that impact and change. In my field of dance and choreography, it really allows me to be who I want to be because those words have no limitations, its allowing me to really help change the structure of what I know of dance into more of a creation with many different techniques. I really want to be an inspiration to people letting them know that it is ok to be different and that you must always embrace “YOU” and be confident of what “YOU” are all about. Be you. Be different! Embrace YOU!


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