SYNERGY by Miss Jordan Wentz

SYNERGY by Miss Jordan Wentz

Anyone can accomplish almost anything they put their mind to.  When people unite, however, they become mighty.  With support from others, that individual is able to rise to a new level.  They feel stronger and more confident when others stand behind them.  With confidence comes improvement!  Gaining belief in oneself leads to breaking boundaries, throwing inhibitions away, moving forward, and looking back only to reflect upon their accomplishments.

At Jayvee, you will find all of this!  Us teachers believe in our students and support them in any way possible because we want to see their success, and we want them to feel it.  The teachers feed off of the students’ energy and the students are consistently encouraging their fellow dancers.  At Jayvee, everyone is involved and we function as a team.  Collectively, we motivate, excel, and rise.  We have SYNERGY amongst us here at Jayvee Dance!  Come see for yourselves at our showcase!

SYNERGY Dance Showcase

Saturday, March 22, 2014
at Mark Keppel High School
501 E. Hellman Ave. Alhambra, Ca 91801

Doors open at 5:30pm
Show starts at 6:00pm

Purchase tickets through any All Stars parent, JVDC front desk or online at:


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