How to Enroll for Classes


We offer two programs here at Jayvee Dance Center:

Youth/Teen Dance Classes

Fall Session 2015-2016 - Monthly
August 31 - May 28

Adult Dance and Fitness Classes
Fall Session 2015-2016 - Monthly
August 31 - May 28

How do I enroll and begin taking my dance class?

*Browse through our list of open classes to see which one you would like to take.

*Online enrollment is now available!

*Call the studio at 626-281-JVJV and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our variety of classes.

*We prefer you enroll in your class at least 1 week prior to starting class.

*When you come in for your first class, our friendly front desk staff will review your online registration and get you signed in for class! We want to make your experience here an enjoyable one. Plan 15 minutes for your enrollment to be completed.

*Look through our dance apparel store for your new dance attire for class. You’ll want to look good for class! We have sales going on all the time!

*Don’t miss out on any specials we may be running.

*Get ready for class and have fun!

What if I want to TRY the class FIRST before enrolling?

*We offer a one time trial class for $15.
*This $15 trial fee will be credited into your tuition if you choose to enroll within the same session.
*Arrive 15 minutes prior to the class you want to try to complete a registration form and pay the $15 fee. *We start classes on time, so you don’t want to be late!
*If you enjoyed the class, you can enroll for the session immediately after class.
*Please note that there is limited availability for each class.
*For any questions about classes, leveling, etc, feel free to call us or email us.

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