TIMELINESS - March 2013

Timeliness is a concept we like to instill in our students here at Jayvee Dance Center. As we go from one activity to the next, it can get hard sometimes to get your kids to their dance classes on time. Here are a few suggestions to helping your dancers arrive with enough time to get ready for their class.


  • Pack your dancers bags with their clothes, healthy snacks, and water the night before so that they are not rummaging through their rooms looking for their dance shoes – this saves you from cleaning their rooms often.
  • Consider unexpected traffic before leaving your house. Leave with enough time to not only get through traffic to arrive right on the dot, but to arrive at least 10-15 minutes earlier than when class begins.
  • Leave with enough time to get a good parking spot. The earlier you go, the more parking is available.
  • There is ample amount of parking behind Jayvee Dance Center. You can enter from Chapel Avenue or Monterey Road. You can also park towards the Paul Mitchell School of Beauty and take a one minute walk over to the studio.


Leaving with enough time to get through traffic, parking, and walking over to the studio allows dancers to collect themselves before joining class. They are much more ready to learn when they are not rushed and running into the class. They not only learn good discipline for class, but they create a habit of arriving on time, which is a great characteristic for their future.



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